Break New Ground

Break New Ground on November 22, 2022, 11 a. m. to 9:00 p.m. (CET) in Bonn. This time, it is all about XR and the Metaverse.

Man wearing VR glasses.

Break New Ground: hubraum’s innovation conference is focusing on XR and Metaverse. © Deutsche Telekom

The new innovation conference “Break New Ground”

Welcome to “Break New Ground” the new innovation conference powered by Group Partnering & Devices and Deutsche Telekom’s tech incubator Hubraum. At Break New Ground we explore various perspectives around new cutting-edge topics and offer a space for innovation enthusiasts, pioneering thinkers, and startups to exchange on business opportunities and meet new partners. 

This time, it is all about XR and the Metaverse. 

Why XR and the Metaverse?

Just like “Cyberspace” in 1996, we don’t have a universal definition of what “Metaverse” means or exactly where it will take us. However, we do know the Metaverse will be as important a concept as the Internet and that over the next years it will have a pervasive impact on businesses and consumers. XR technologies have continued to evolve to provide the ground level support needed to deliver innovative Metaverse experiences. 

We are pleased to break new ground with our most exciting partners to show the latest of these technologies and meaningful use cases that they enable. 

Let’s drive innovation together.



  • Have a look at the agenda, information about speakers, floorplan and exhibitors in the Event Booklet (pdf, 21.9 MB).
  • Panel discussion on "Will Web3 rule the Metaverse?" with representatives from the Marketing Center of the University of Münster, Unity and Microsoft
  • Keynotes from SAP, Ashraf Hamed, VP Innovation & Pioneering: "Metaverse - Let's Get Down To Business".
  • Qualcomm, who are building a kind of "Android" of the Metaverse with their Snapdragon platform. 
  • Volucap, who are using their technology to equip Hollywood blockbusters such as the latest Matrix film.

A marketplace with around 20 well-known exhibitors such as Meta, Microsoft and Spree Interactive. Zaubar presents virtual insights into the BVB players' cabin. BMW and Auto BILD invite you to take a virtual test drive. In the afternoon, startups from hubraum and Qualcomm's Snapdragon Spaces program will present. 



Deutsche Telekom is continuously looking for new technology and product partners in order to differentiate and optimize its portfolio.