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Cloud: Europe’s business hotbed

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A joint initiative by DT and Microsoft is aiming to accelerate cloud penetration across Europe. To kick-off this partnership, we asked a couple of executives on their views.

Summer time across Europe: climate-wise it’s all about temperatures rising, sun shining but business-wise cloud is the hotbed. Just think: how “mainstream” cloud is in various companies and organizations across Europe? What are the myths surrounding it and how can we effectively address them to boost market adoption?  How can cloud help businesses to grow?

Let’s start with ourselves and an everyday life example: Where do our pictures, our special moments reside? Most likely on a cloud, right? Rather than carrying around old-fashioned photo-albums to grand-parents, we now share our memorable moments with family and friends digitized, easily available anytime, anywhere, relatively inexpensive, while we can use and pay for whatever we consume. Not to forget that it takes up much less space on the shelves.


Now project this on big scale: A lot of “ink” has been put into use on “why should companies move to the cloud”. About 206.000.000 results is what I got in 52 seconds… Enabling remote work as well as improving online teamwork, strengthening security, deepening file storage capacities, just to name but a few. With Gartner forecasting that the cloud services industry is set to grow exponentially through 2022, getting this right becomes even more relevant and imminent. Various answers and arguments have been put on the table, but one thing is clear: Not without cooperation and close partnerships. That’s why a joint initiative with Microsoft recently kicked-off aiming to accelerate cloud penetration across our European footprint. According to a Microsoft survey of companies across Central and Eastern Europe, 85 percent see cloud as an enabler of digital transformation. 

Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Greece are on board this exciting journey. A journey that is not only opening-up growth opportunities, but also the chance to do business with the focus on adding value to society, enabling societies to really embrace the opportunities that today’s technology creates.

 It's happening in the cloud.

Cloud Computing

It's happening in the cloud.