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Corona warning app now checks in with restaurant visits

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The Corona warning app gets an important update. The latest version 2.0 has a check-in feature. Now risk encounters indoors can be better recorded.

Until now, the app has registered people as risky contacts if they have been at a distance of two meters or less for a longer period of time. However, studies have shown that this is not the case: This is not enough in stores, restaurants or churches. There, aerosols also spread over greater distances. In addition, airborne particles from infected persons are still present in dangerous concentrations for some time after the person has left the room. The new app version takes these findings into account.

Corona Warn App QR-Code

Corona Warn App version 2.0 has a check-in feature.

QR code on church door

To detect so-called "clusters" in rooms, users can check in by scanning a QR code at locations. Users can create and print the block graphic for an event in the app itself. In the process, the app records the location of the event. It further registers event type and time duration. Luca or similar check-in apps from private providers require names and phone numbers of visitors. The Corona warning app, on the other hand, records contacts anonymously. This is in line with Apple's and Google's specifications for tracing apps.

Private check-in apps like Luca complement the Corona warning app

Apps such as Luca,, Recover or eGuest are primarily designed to digitally implement the mandatory tracing of people in restaurants, stores or at events in the German states. In doing so, visitors must provide their complete contact information. As long as the infection control ordinances of the federal states require the collection of personal data, the federal Corona warning app cannot take over this task. 

Numbers show: The app is working

With more than 27 million downloads, the Corona Warning app is the most successful digital contact tracing application in Europe. In the past four weeks alone, 79,000 users have alerted their contacts about a positive test result. On average, a positive triggers alerts to six other people. Four out of five people who receive a red alert in the app then complete a test. Seven percent test positive for Corona infection. It is estimated that the app has alerted about 2.5 million people. It has detected around 140,000 Covid 19 infections. 

Quick test results and vaccination records come to the app

Further additional functions of the app are on the horizon: in the next few weeks, the app will also display rapid test results. By the start of the summer vacations, it will also become a haven for the digital vaccination certificate. Users use it to prove that they have been fully vaccinated. Further information can be found on the joint SAP and Telekom blog.



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