Deutsche Sporthilfe

The compatibility of top-class sport and professional development.

Markus Rehm and Niko Kappel

Deutsche Telekom is national sponsor of the Deutsche Sporthilfe foundation, supporting top athletes in their day-to-day training activities.

In cooperation with Deutsche Sporthilfe, Deutsche Telekom has been supporting top Olympian and Paralympian sportspeople as national sponsor since 2008. Whether you are talking about top-level sports or a top-level business that needs to survive and thrive in a highly competitive market – being able to recognize talent and to develop that talent in a well-targeted and systematic manner is a decisive building block in creating a successful future for them.

Another focus of the partnership is the sponsorship of Paralympic sports and of top athletes in Germany. Like all other sportspeople, athletes with disabilities show just how high it is possible to raise performances when the individual athlete's personal motivation is high and there are strong partners to accompany him or her along the path to success. The company is also expanding its commitment to the foundation. As a partner of the junior athletes, the group will in future be awarding the most important young talent award in German sport together with Deutsche Sporthilfe.

The goals of facilitating high-performance sportspeople to reach the highest possible level and of supporting sporting talents on their journeys to becoming successful athletes are what unites Deutsche Sporthilfe and its sponsors. With their successes, their sacrifice and their unconditional will to produce the best possible performance, athletes are role models not just for young people, but for society in general as well.

But sportspeople can only really be successful in their position as role models if they have achieved their top performances fairly and with integrity. One of the central guiding principles of Deutsche Sporthilfe is to continuously anchor this competitive ethic at the very top level of German sport. And this guiding principle also provides the foundation for Deutsche Telekom's commitment as a partner of Deutsche Sporthilfe.

It is also of great importance for top-level sportspeople to be able to pursue their professional prospects in addition to their career in sports. Deutsche Telekom therefore offers its help in the ongoing professional development of sponsored athletes in the form of special job application training sessions.

Recruiting experts from the Group teach athletes how to make the right impression in interviews and help them to draw up their job applications in workshop sessions. Aside from providing support in the area of dual career planning, Deutsche Telekom also provides people actively supported by Deutsche Sporthilfe with internships and attractive mobile communication offerings at reduced cost, among other offerings.


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