Deutsche Telekom has the fastest mobile network

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The German magazine „Computer Bild” performed a test on the four German mobile networks concerning reception quality and mobile surfing speed, declaring Deutsche Telekom the winner.

Computer Bild calls it the “biggest mobile network test in Germany”. After evaluating the data of the 78,000 users of its own network-testing app, the experts of the German computer magazine announce Deutsche Telekom the winner.

The best network

Scoring the mark “good”, Deutsche Telekom is clearly ahead of the competition, who merely achieved a “satisfactory”. All providers were criticized for their mobile network connectivity in the countryside.

“Breathtaking speed” in the LTE-network

Especially in regard to the LTE-network, Deutsche Telekom achieves best results. In certain cities, DT provides “breathtaking speed” (on average n 35.3 megabit per second/ mbit/s) in their LTE-networks, writes Computer Bild. Positively emphasized was the fact that even via UMTS, costumers are also able to surf at a rather high speed (11.8 mbit/s). Overall, the experts come to a positive conclusion regarding basic service and call quality as well.

The full report will be published on October 10 in the print version of Computer Bild.