Deutsche Telekom wins Euro Effie Award for its Surf & Travel campaign

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The European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) chose the winners of the prestigious Euro Effie Awards.

The award honors campaigns that have not only proven to be outstanding in terms of creativity, but also in terms of effectiveness in at least two European markets. After the Travel & Surf campaign had already won several creative awards – among others also at the Cannes Lions – it was now once again rewarded for its effectiveness.

To promote the new Travel & Surf data roaming packages, which let travelers use mobile Internet abroad at fixed prices, without fear of unexpected costs, Deutsche Telekom staged a holiday behavior everyone is familiar with: the search for Wi-Fi. Searching for free Wi-Fi takes time, time which you probably have better use for during your holiday. So Deutsche Telekom wanted to convince vacationers: Don't waste your vacation looking for Wi-Fi, discover Travel & Surf the worry-free mobile Internet. In short: Look for the fun. Not for the Wi-Fi!

"With this campaign we confront travelers with their behavior – in a tongue-in the cheek way – to bring ‚Travel & Surf‘ as the perfect solution", explains Wolfgang Kampbartold, Vice President of International Marketing Communications at Deutsche Telekom. "The humorous mockumentary format hit the right cord with the audience and was able to tackle their irrational fears – generating wide reaching impact, activating our own customer base, intensifying usage and growing the whole market in total for significant future sales success. We were more than happy to exceed above expectations on all of these objectives.”

The campaign was rolled out in ten European countries. With more than 1,7 Million Views worldwide the spot became a true YouTube-Hit.