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DIGITAL X – analogue exchange of ideas on digital innovation

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Everybody knows: Stewing in your own juice hardly brings progress. This also applies to industry and medium-sized businesses, especially in the age of digital transformation. A series of events focuses on exchanging ideas and networking: DIGITAL X.

Die DIGITAL X ist eine Serie von Veranstaltungen, die auf Austauschen und Vernetzen setzt.

The DIGITAL X is a series of events focusing on exchange and networking.

The world is becoming more and more digital: at the bakery around the corner, in the garage or on the assembly line. Digital solutions simplify processes within companies. They increase convenience for their customers. But there is no life-subscription for success. It is important to remain open to new ideas, to always challenge proven methods. DIGITAL X supports this goal with six regional events and one big congress to sum it all up. Initiated by Deutsche Telekom, the events will help entrepreneurs to exchange their views. They can learn more about trends and new developments in their industry, as well as getting ideas for their own business – be it a large corporation or a start-up.

DIGITAL X in Cologne and various regions

The highlight will be the DIGITAL X event on October 29 and 30 at the Cologne fairground. A mixture of conference, trade fair and festival. Top-class digital experts are to bring their visions, technical innovations and tangible best practices on stage. Together with our partners, we will present products and business solutions. But what is knowledge without excitement? A pop concert will provide an entertaining sign-off to the event. 

In the months leading up to the main event, the series will go on tour regionally, as it did last year. The focus is on local companies. In each region, a competition will be held to identify the local "digital champions". The regional winners will then compete against each other in Cologne in October. The winner will receive the "Digital Champions Award". The award is under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy.

Last year, in Cologne alone, more than 7,000 medium-sized companies, corporate representatives, politicians and scientists came together at DIGITAL18. The event has made a name for itself, with 100 keynote speeches and discussions on digitization, immediately establishing itself as the leading digital summit in Europe. This year, DIGITAL X goes into the next round.

The events in Germany at a glance
DIGITAL X WEST April 9, Bochum
DIGITAL X SOUTH May 21-22, Munich
DIGITAL X MIDWEST May 28, Offenbach
DIGITAL X NORTH June 4, Hamburg
DIGITAL X EAST June 18, Berlin
DIGITAL X 2019 (closing event) October 29-30, Cologne

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