Digitaltag 2022: Where the fun in gaming ends

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Gaming continues to boom in Germany. But digital gaming also has its downsides. With #TAKEPART – No Hatespeech, Telekom and its partners are taking a closer look at gaming. Actions around Digitaltag 2022 inform and raise awareness.

Gaming continues to fascinate Germany. The gaming market is growing and the number of players is also increasing: according to the German games industry association game, around 60 percent of Germans currently play digital games. Esports, i.e. professional competition in computer and video games, is also becoming increasingly important. But fun in games must be based on fairness, community and respect. This is not always the case - hatred and incitement are not uncommon here either. With #TAKEPART – No hatespeech, Telekom is also looking at where the fun ends in gaming. Together with 44 partners, it wants to encourage parents, educators and gamers to take a stand online.

Young man playing online game

Telekom also represented at Digitaltag 2022 with campaigns on gaming.

Workshops around Digitaltag 2022

Making digitization a tangible experience and thus supporting the safe and confident use of digital media is once again the goal of this year's Digitaltag 2022. Numerous activities will take place around the nationwide action day on June 24, 2022. The aim: to shed light on the most diverse aspects of digitization, discuss opportunities and challenges, and initiate a broad social dialog.

This year, Telekom and its partners will be taking part in Digitaltag 2022 with various activities on gaming and esports (all workshops are hold in German): 

Workshop of the esports player foundation: Esports and Gaming

What is fascinating about gaming and eSports? Can you learn something through gaming? When can a hobby become a problem and how can I recognize age-appropriate computer games? These questions and practical tips on gaming and esports as well as media education will be the focus of this workshop for interested parents and teachers.

Date:  June 24, 2022
Time: 5 to 6:20 pm
Place: Online
Registration: Register here

Gambling, chatting, hating - when gaming language becomes toxic 

Many young people use tools such as Discord, Steam or Twitch to exchange information while gaming. The language used often seems strange and irritating to parents and educators - especially when it is carried over into everyday life. The webinar explains how to recognize toxic communication and distinguish it from normal gaming slang. In addition, the Digital Heroes will show how those affected by hate speech can be helped.

Date: June 23, 2022
Time: 7 - 8:15 pm
Place:  Online
Registration: Rgister here

All workshops are hold in German. No time to participate? No problem! Then register anyway and receive the link to the recording afterwards. 

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