Christian Fischer


Digitization: Secure Success

Final spurt. One week to go until the start of Digital X in Cologne with its four megatrends... no, three megatrends and one mega-challenge, says Telekom's Head of Security Thomas Tschersich.

Without a concept for protecting IT and OT, there can be no successful digitization. That much is certain. The situation picture has been changing constantly for a decade. And not just in terms of the number of threats, which is constantly rising. There are also trends in the field of security. But for the economy, or let's say for all of us, it's better if these never become megatrends. That's according to someone who should know. Deutsche Telekom Security GmbH CEO Thomas Tschersich, who is also the Group's Chief Security Officer:


Thomas Tschersich and his team will have their focus at Digital X in Cologne on September 20 and 21 at Mediapark 7 and 6, and wherever else security in digitization is concerned.

The Deutsche Telekom “T” in magenta in front of a green natur-like background.

Sustainable digitalization projects at the Digital X 2023

At the Digital X in Cologne, the combination of digitalization and sustainability will be highlighted and companies will be encouraged to benefit from the diverse funding opportunities.