Diversity Group Policy

Our Group Policy for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Connected As One

We created pictures out of face parts of different leaders and employees in the company, so call “face-mashes”.

As Telekom, we have many reasons to be proud when it comes to diversity. As early as 1995, the first plan was adopted at management level to specifically promote women in the company. In 2006, these considerations led to the first diversity guideline, which emphasized the importance of the topic and provided guidelines for its implementation in everyday life. 

Why was the diversity guideline updated? 

Deutsche Telekom has developed rapidly and, since 2020, we have experienced numerous changes with the global pandemic and digitalization - both in the world of work and in society. This was the trigger for us to renew the policy. On the one hand, this is intended to reflect the ambitions we have as a company in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion and, on the other, to expand the focus from gender diversity to other dimensions such as health conditions and sexual orientation. As Telekom, we are committed to ensuring that everyone is offered the same opportunities, regardless of their personal circumstances. 

The guideline

The policy is a good starting point for finding out what these terms actually mean, how to comply with them in everyday life and what to do if there is a risk of a violation. All managers and employees are called upon to bring the rules it contains to life.

Our conviction

As a Group, we challenge and encourage each other. We always adhere to what we believe is right and fair, both within and outside our company. We are curious and constantly learning. This attitude allows us to grow both as an organization and individually.

Birgit Bohle, Board member for Human Resources and Legal Affairs, Labor Director

Diversity Guideline and Campaign Connected As One

An article by Birgit Bohle, Board member for Human Resources and Legal Affairs, Labor Director.