Philipp Kornstädt


Drones connected: fire service drone

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Deutsche Telekom and Deutsche Flugsicherung present the first results from their joint research project to integrate drones into the air traffic control.


Emergency call – a cyclist has crashed in impassable terrain and urgently needs medical assistance. For the search of the accident victim in the spacious area the alerted fire department sends its “flying eye”. The fire service drone flies ahead of the action force, explores almost independently the area of operations and reports the exact position to the rescue vehicles. An enormous time gain for the rescue.

In their joint research project Deutsche Telekom and Deutsche Flugsicherung analyze how drones can practically be deployed, even beyond the visual line of sight. The locating of drones using cell phone technology is the basis for the secure integration into the air space control.

High-level cooperation

Deutsche Telekom has launched a joint research project together with Post DHL and Deutsche Flugsicherung