EU investigators at Deutsche Telekom

The European Commission’s antitrust authority has opened investigations of various Europe-based Internet service providers.

As part of these investigations, data and e-mails at Deutsche Telekom Headquarters in Bonn have also been seized. The allegations are that the companies, coming from various markets, may have abused their possibly dominant position on the worldwide Internet traffic market.

Deutsche Telekom is surprised by the initiation of further investigations by the Commission into the global market for Internet traffic, since previous allegations have all turned out to be unfounded. Similar investigations carried out by national regulatory bodies, who have also dealt with the issue in great detail, have also been abandoned. “Deutsche Telekom faces fierce competition on the global market for Internet traffic. This market is dominated by major providers based in the United States, which means we are not the right target for these investigations. Deutsche Telekom is cooperating closely with the authorities to clarify the matter,” explains a DT spokesperson.