Get digital fittness at the Magenta Moon

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Magenta Moon is a new initiative by Telekom for digital participation. Antje Hundhausen, Vice President Brand Experience reveals more.

Antje Hundhausen, Senior Vice President Brand Experience

Antje Hundhausen, Vice President Brand Experience

With passion and pioneering spirit, Antje Hundhausen is creatively driving the Deutsche Telekom brand forward, whether it be the design of agile work environments, the Europe-wide design transformation of the stores, or large-scale international trade fairs and conferences. As the Vice President for Brand Experience, she is responsible for designing fun interactive brand experiences – physical and digital. She is passionate about art and has successfully built up the Telekom Art Collection for over ten years, explored the future potential of digital fashion with the Fashion Fusion program, and is now launching the Magenta Moon initiative.

What is Magenta Moon exactly?

2020 turned out very differently than expected but made one thing clear: digitalization connects people – in times of crisis, in our daily lives, and across all borders. However, 2020 has also showed that there is still much to do. With Magenta Moon, we are launching a long-term initiative for more digital education and sustainability. As Deutsche Telekom, we want to promote digital education for all, irrespective of age, gender, and social background. And the Magenta Moon Campus in Berlin is the start of this commitment. From October 17 to November 1, 2020 we will be inviting everyone – both young and old – to take part in an immersive, interactive adventure that will provide food for thought, awaken curiosity, promote the exchange of ideas, and invite learning.

What is so special about the Magenta Moon campus?

Visitors can look forward to a mixture of workshops, talks, maker spaces, and music, which can be experienced in person or live-streamed. Lots of the program highlights can be experienced on the computer at home. And, with the Moon Garden in Berlin, the guests have something really special to look forward to: a large light installation has been setup in the middle of our interactive experience at Leipziger Platz. Content is projected onto walls and the floor and fills the entire room with poetic video content. Thanks to laser scanners, the projections can react immediately to gestures and movements. Anyone who would like to can control swarms of glow worms or move virtual water on the floor. Visitors can choose their own degree of interaction: relax, find inspiration, play, discover something new, and learn. Anything is possible.

Which program highlights can you recommend?

With 177 workshops, more than 25 talks, 6 Magenta Moon live podcasts, yoga, meditation, countless coding and maker sessions, it’s difficult to say. I am definitely looking forward to the talk on digital optimism by author Verena Pausder and Katrin Suder, Chairperson of the Digital Council, the advisory council on digitalization to the German Federal Government. I am also curious to see how Dagmar Hirche, the founder of the “Wege aus der Einsamkeit” (Ways out of Isolation) association motivates the older generation to become active online. Or author and activist Raul Krauthausen will look at how different generations perceive the digital sphere. I am also looking forward to the wide-ranging offering of topics on digital civil courage from Birgit Klesper’s unit. I also find important and exciting the topics around online hate, digital learning and sustainability. I therefore recommend everyone to take a look at and find their personal highlights. 

Magenta Moon

Magenta Moon

Magenta Moon Campus Berlin is an open educational offering for everyone and puts digital education center stage. Daily, October 17 to November 1.