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  • Telekom supports companies in optimizing home office workplaces
  • Tailor-made complete packages cover all areas of mobile working
  • How companies are already promoting resilience and flexibility for the future
Telekom supports companies in optimizing home office workplaces.

Telekom supports companies in optimizing home office workplaces.

A successful day in the home office looks different: In the morning, the aging PC takes minutes to boot up. The video call with the customer just before the lunch break keeps getting stuck because of a slow connection. And in the evening, it turns out that a virus has infected the computer - a threat to the IT security of the entire company. 

Poor technical conditions when working at home put a strain on employees' nerves and jeopardize business operations. But not all companies have the capacity and expertise to provide the right hardware and software for working from home. With MagentaBusiness HomeOffice, Telekom supports small and medium-sized companies in finding the optimum IT equipment for mobile working or working from home. Telekom also offers services to ensure smooth business operations at all times.

Individual home office packages from professionals

"New Work" - what sounds promising holds some pitfalls. After all, companies that offer home office or mobile working have to answer many questions for themselves. It starts with the hardware:

  • Which laptops are suitable for which work areas?
  • What accessories do employees need?
  • Which smartphones deliver all the functions they need?

Telekom helps companies find the ideal equipment for their employees. Service is a top priority - whether it's personal advice by phone or video chat, or via the online configurator. Companies quickly receive their customized home office package based on a modular principle. Various laptop models from different manufacturers and suitable accessories are available. Special price offers make the start into the home office additionally attractive.

Free set-up assistance for an optimal start

The right hardware alone is not enough to ensure that employees can make a smooth start to their working day at home. That's why Telekom offers free setup assistance. IT experts help with all the necessary tasks, such as:

  • Setting up the computer
  • Security settings
  • Router connection

Technical experts also answer questions about the individual solutions.

After all, collaboration at a distance should be just as successful as in the office. A special expert hotline is available for all matters relating to Microsoft 365. Telekom also provides support in setting up the comprehensive platform for productivity and collaboration. Microsoft Teams allows employees to conveniently make video calls, and Office applications such as Word can be used from anywhere thanks to cloud support. In addition, Telekom sets up the telephone system from the cloud, Cloud PBX, on request. Employees can simply take their office phone number home with them - teleworking made easy. Whatever the requirements of business operations: Together with Telekom, small and medium-sized enterprises will find the right IT solution.

Working securely even at a distance

Another issue that causes many companies headaches when it comes to home offices is IT security. Unlike their own on-site networks, employers can hardly monitor their employees' private IT environment. So it's important to provide special protection for company data at the mobile workplace.

Modern devices with up-to-date software are already an important component in ensuring secure work in the home office. Another is effective antivirus software: Telekom's virus protection package offers advanced protection against digital threats. Telekom does not leave its customers to fend for themselves in all the other steps either: with the Digital Protection Package Business, security experts ensure that companies are protected in every respect and at all times. The package includes the following services, among others:

  • Checking the company network and all integrated devices for security gaps
  • Defense against cyberattacks
  • Professional support in the event of identity theft, loss of reputation and loss of data

Convenient network management with Cisco Meraki

Small and medium-sized businesses in particular know that setting up and managing their own network is often complex and expensive. In challenging times such as these, many businesses would prefer to devote their capacities entirely to their day-to-day business. This is where Cisco Meraki Managed Service (CMMS) is the ideal solution. Telekom and Cisco Meraki provide a stable and secure network environment that supports businesses in their tasks. In addition to maximum availability around the clock, data protection and security are top priorities: Factory-implemented security mechanisms act as a shield against cyberattacks. And thanks to German data centers, data never leaves the company's own network or the country.

Making New Work crisis-proof and increasing resilience

Investments in optimal home office equipment not only benefit companies immediately during a lockdown: they also make their businesses resilient and crisis-proof in the long term. In this way companies can react flexibly to similar situations in the future and no longer have to adapt processes. Business thus continues uninterrupted even in the new working world - whether in the office or at home.

Priorities are changing. Much of what was once a choice is now a duty.

Smart business

The global economic crisis is accelerating existing trends. Yesterday's decisions are today's commandments.