MAN: Optimized Logistics with a Mouse Click

Avoiding empty hauling, optimizing transport routes: A solution for connected trucks from T-Systems and MAN provides fleet and vehicle management, operations analysis and maintenance at the click of a mouse.

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MAN TeleMatics® offers a solution for connected trucks – Monitor vehicles, optimize transport routes and avoid empty hauling.

To determine the location of truck drivers and allocate delivery orders, dispatchers in the past had to make time-consuming organizational phone calls. But MAN TeleMatics® now enables haulers to manage a fleet of trucks with just a few clicks of a mouse. Especially companies making lots of cross-border deliveries can save lots of money per truck by using it. In 2017, there were already over 45.000 trucks rolling with the solution. 

Trucks send and receive data

The basis for fleet management is a digital card, which keeps haulers informed of where their trucks are at any given moment. The trucks autonomously send and receive status updates to and from the dispatcher. And drivers can accept new orders while they’re on the road.

This allows dispatchers to optimize the fleet’s utilization by making changes to truck itineraries as needed. Individual truck analysis shows them how much fuel the vehicle is using, how fast it is travelling on average and even the motor’s current RPM. Such information passed on to the driver can be used to lower fuel consumption. A maintenance portal provides data about a vehicle’s oil levels and its brakes. This is very valuable information: Freight haulers and MAN service centers can use this data to pick the perfect timing for a truck’s next inspection and cut fuel consumption by up to 20 percent. Moreover, the optimal maintenance intervals decrease unexpected downtime and help boost overall vehicle service life.

Another benefit is the so-called Remote Download Service, which helps hauling firms fulfill their legal obligation to regularly save and archive data from digital tachographs. The Remote Download Service wirelessly transmits this information completely automatically, meaning time-consuming data collection from the trucks is no longer necessary.

Connecting vehicles to headquarters via a Europe-wide wireless flat-rate only requires a computer with Internet access and the MAN control software. All data is securely stored on a server.     

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The transport and logistics sector benefits from digitization and gives it impetus.