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No cyber defense without AI

The laptop has a life of its own, the smart TV takes an eternity when switching, some account debits are strange? Then maybe that's the work of cyber criminals. Cybercrime is becoming more and more professional and uses automated attack methods. That's why Deutsche Telekom uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) in cyber defense.

Deutsche Telekom uses sensors built into its networks to analyze attacks. These register up to 50 million attacks daily. Overall, Deutsche Telekom's cyber defense analyzes about one billion security-related data every day for signs of cyber-attacks. Of course, even cyber experts were not able to manage this by hand. For this purpose, Telekom relies on fully automated help from Artificial Intelligence (AI).

With AI against cyber attacks

Computers are much better at detecting patterns and quickly identifying deviations that point to attacks. A valuable support for analysts in cyber defense. Telekom has developed and trained the AI itself, in cooperation with Telekom Innovation Laboratories in Israel. Telekom has been using AI for over two years now to protect the security of its own infrastructure and thus the security of its customers.

In the video: Rüdiger Peusquens and Martin Straßmann from the Cyber Defense Center of Deutsche Telekom.


More information on the Telekom Youtube channel "Netzgeschichten".
Live view of the cyber attacks is available at

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