People of Deutschland

In cooperation with the publisher Eden Books and other partners, Deutsche Telekom has published the book "People of Deutschland". We want to further promote diversity, an inclusive attitude as well as fair dealings with each other - all central components of our corporate culture. And at the same time, assume our social, societal responsibility.

Book cover „People of Deutschland“

In cooperation with the publisher Eden Books and other partners, Deutsche Telekom has published a book about racism in everyday life. © Eden Books

Everyday Black, Indigenous, or People of Color - BIPoC for short - repeatedly encounter subliminal hostility and microaggressions in addition to overt discrimination.

An essential step in critically questioning and dismantling thought patterns is to listen to those affected and not to deny them their experiences. This is precisely where the book "People of Germany" comes in. It tells personal, touching and sometimes frightening stories about the reality of life for BIPoC people in Germany. That is why we are particularly proud to be a partner of this so important and socio-critical project. Düzen Tekkal, Mola Adebisi, Nikeata Thompson or Hans Sarpei are just a few of the personalities from culture, business, sports, fashion and politics who report on their everyday experiences of discrimination. They all demand one thing above all: we must all actively confront racism - it is not enough to not perceive oneself as racist.

"I am proud to be in partnership with the creators of the People of Germany book. All people should have fair opportunities for access and development - regardless of personal backgrounds. Our goal is non-discriminatory inclusion for all. My thanks go to the teams from Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Squad, Group Brand Strategy and Marketing Communications and Corporate Communications who implemented the project for Telekom," said Ulrich Klenke, Senior Vice President Group Brand Strategy & Marketing Communications.

However, Telekom is not only a partner in this important book project, we have gone one step further and created a space in the book for Telekom employees to tell their personal stories. We are looking forward to a limited Telekom edition that has been supplemented by three stories from employees of our Group. Together with our BIPoC*@Telekom community, we have been able to fill this limited edition.

Huong Dang, Marvin Kwasi Nkansah and Lea Carina Ogando Zabala are the co-founders of our BIPoC@Telekom community and furthermore protagonists of our Telekom Edition. They have not only found their place in this book but, are now also part of it.

For us at Telekom, it is important to strengthen and support the visibility and empowerment of BIPoC. This partnership with "People of Germany" is another important step in critically questioning and dismantling thought patterns. 

The official book is already available for pre-order at all known retailers and will be available in stores from February 4, 2023.

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