T Gallery – Think ahead and experience future together

In the T Gallery, we want to inspire, share experiences and discuss. Always with a focus on people. How they fulfil their needs, complete tasks and shape their lives. Our guests experience what is possible today and in the future. The T Gallery shows different perspectives and possibilities of a digital world – for customers, colleagues as well as partner companies and agencies.


What can you experience in the T Gallery?

We show how digitalization can support both people and companies in a meaningful way – at home or on the move, in work and learning, in retail, industry and healthcare. The T Gallery brings Deutsche Telekom’s strategy and vision to life at the Group headquarters in Bonn. Over 200 use cases on more than 1,200 square meters are the result of intensive collaboration with our B2B, B2C and strategy experts, who represent all areas of the company, as well as international trend researchers.

What will our lives look like?

Not every imaginable product or scenario automatically meets our human needs and fulfills our expectations of a digitalized and networked world. That's why the T Gallery offers a forum for open exchange and connects people. Because: "Above all, every customer experience is always a human experience," as Claudia Nemat, Board Member Technology and Innovation at Deutsche Telekom, puts it.


Deutsche Telekom brand

„Connecting your world.” - that is at once our slogan and our aim.