T-Systems supplies technology for Beijing Daxing International Airport

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The systems for managing all airport operations for Beijing Daxing International Airport are supplied by German digital service provider T-Systems.

After a construction period of only five years, one of the world's largest airports is opening today in Beijing. “Beijing Daxing International Airport” is located in the Beijing suburb of Daxing and is expected to handle up to 880,000 flights a year - an average of almost 2,200 flights a day. The management logic for the orchestration of airport processes comes from Germany: The digital service provider T-Systems has tailored its self-developed Smart Airport Software for digital airport management to the needs of the new Beijing airport. The systems developed by the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary will, when fully implemented, form the basis for bringing up to 100 million passengers a year to their destination quickly and efficiently. Following the completion of all runways and all planned extensions, Beijing Daxing will be one of the world's largest airports.

Coordination of flight movements

T-Systems’ Smart Airport Software is already in use at more than 40 airports worldwide. It analyzes, processes and visualizes an airport’s entire flight-relevant data in real time - from air traffic control and airlines to ground services and other service providers. Through the digital networking of all those involved in flight operations, the control system ensures the smooth coordination of flight movements and ground handling processes and thus makes an important contribution to optimizing flight punctuality.

Highly complex control systems 

“Control systems for airports are always highly complex, due to the large number of parameters to be considered, such as people, data, processes and procedures. However, the extraordinary scope of Beijing Daxing made this project a particular challenge for us,” says Edgar Ziller, Head of Airport Management at T-Systems. “However, thanks to our 30 years of industry experience and the expertise and tireless dedication of our local team in Beijing, we were ideally equipped for this task.”

Highly secure on-premise server environment

Beijing Daxing International Airport uses the T-Systems solution to digitize all airport processes in a highly secure on-premise server environment. A collaboration platform ensures an agile and simple integration of 70 partner systems, which are used in various areas of airport operations. Considering the degree of networking made possible by T-Systems' technology, Beijing Daxing is one of the most digitized airports in the world.

“Efficiency was the key factor in the planning of our new airport. The proven industry software and the expertise of T-Systems convinced us,” says Yuan Xue Gong, Chief Engineer at Beijing Daxing International Airport. “In T-Systems, we have found a reliable partner for high-quality and secure airport management”. 

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