Ariane Elena Fuchs


Teachtoday International: Media literacy without borders

Deutsche Telekom is committed worldwide to a digital world in which everyone can participate. That is why Deutsche Telekom supports people in navigating the Internet safely, competently and confidently. The new „Teachtoday International” platform now offers a global overview of all the Group's media literacy initiatives for the first time.

Media literacy without borders

The new “Teachtoday International” platform offers a global overview of all of the Group's media literacy initiatives for the first time. © Deutsche Telekom

In order for everyone to benefit equally from the opportunities offered by digitalization, people must be able and willing to act responsibly online. Deutsche Telekom promotes media literacy among young and old with a wide range of services available worldwide - always with the aim of ensuring that everyone can navigate the digital world safely and confidently. The newly launched “Teachtoday International” platform now offers an overview of all the Group's media literacy initiatives worldwide.

Global initiatives at a glance 

In Germany, the “Teachtoday” initiative supports children and young people, parents and grandparents as well as educational professionals with everyday tips and materials on safe and competent media use. At, “Teachtoday International” now presents the Group's global efforts to promote media literacy and digital participation at a glance. The platform offers a comprehensive overview of the activities of the Group's headquarters and its subsidiaries and affiliates, filterable by country and target group.

“Teachtoday International” shows that digital participation at Deutsche Telekom has long transcended national borders: An interactive world map presents media literacy initiatives from currently 12 countries that are aimed at a wide variety of target groups such as children, young people, adults and older people. From promoting educational opportunities for schoolgirls in the United States to providing a safer Internet for senior citizens in Romania - the offerings are diverse. 

To ensure accessibility, “Teachtoday International” also offers all texts in plain language.