Telekom Design Gallery

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Experience the future

At the Telekom Design Gallery, we give future a space. More than 6,000 people visit the Telekom Design Gallery every year. The visitors immerse into the digital and connected world of the future and interactively discover how customer centric design enriches life.

Telekom Design Gallery

We encourage dialogue: what does the future look like in a sensibly connected future? The vision of the company becomes visible.

Visions Becomes Visible

Visitors of the Telekom Design Gallery have access to more than 250 different use cases providing insights of the visions and strategies of Deutsche Telekom. Each tour takes visitors on a journey into the future – into the areas of "Smart Home", "Retail", and "Industrial Internet".

Soldering on a plate

We work together with our colleagues to integrate new areas such as Industry 4.0 and Virtual Reality.

Platform to Infinite Possibilities

The Telekom Design Gallery is an important platform to connect partners, customers, and colleagues. Together we create products and services that are especially easy to use.

Visitors in the T-Gallery

We encourage dialogue between customer needs, technologies, and business requirements of tomorrow. Doing so, we take a look at human life in a sensibly connected future.

With Us Into The Future

In cooperation with the Telekom Design Academy, we offer various formats, methods and tools for shaping innovative customer experiences together with our partners. Therefore, we use Design Thinking, an interdisciplinary approach that puts people's needs at the heart of everything we do.

Robotised automation

Collectively creating solutions with Design Thinking.