Telekom Design Gallery – The place to experience and discuss our future lifestyle

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The Telekom Design Gallery is our future lab. Inspiring, encouraging dialogue and flexible, in order to constantly adapt to change. And, of course, always with a focus on people and their needs. In the Gallery, we turn the strategy of Deutsche Telekom into a tangible vision. But it's not about us. Instead, the Gallery is about understanding and representing customer experiences, collaboration and the way people connect − today and in the future.

Collaboration for a connected vision

The Gallery is our vision of a lifestyle where everything can be connected – in real-life and digitally. To make it tangible, we combine our current and future technologies over an area of more than 1,500 square meters at our Group’s headquarters in Bonn. Our live demonstrations here are the result of intensive collaboration with our B2B, B2C and strategy experts, who represent all areas of the company. 

What will our lives be like?

In the Gallery, we take the perspective of people in different areas of life, such as parents at home, town citizens or office workers. We want to show the impact of technical possibilities on our private and professional lives in the future, where the boundaries become increasingly blurred. After all, not every conceivable and feasible product of the future automatically meets our needs and fulfills our expectations of a digitalized and meaningfully networked private and working life.

Dialogue and direct feedback

In this way, we also see the Design Gallery as a place for critical debate with the status quo and ideas for the future. Here, our concepts and prototypes meet critical consumers, like-minded partners and discerning business customers. And at the same time, we keep our colleagues up-to-date. The Gallery becomes a real forum for exchange, development and feedback. Because the best way to get honest and direct feedback is to bring people together − in person or virtually − and enter into direct dialogue. 

As Claudia Nemat, Board Member for Technology and Innovation, says: "Above all, every customer experience is always a human experience."


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Life is for sharing. That is at once our slogan and our aim.