Telekom Tech Grounds: the platform for human-centered technology innovation

On June 28-29, 2021, Telekom Tech Grounds will open their virtual doors in the form of an online platform where we can discover trend-setting technologies of the future, today. With an agenda that has one thing written all over it - human-centered technology innovations for sustainability and inclusion. 

Accompanied by keynotes from leading tech visionaries of our time, such as Poppy Crum, Bertrand Piccard, Prof. Frank Fitzek and Simon Sinek - with him Claudie Nemat, Member of the Board of Management for Technology and Innovation at Deutsche Telekom, who will discuss the "WHY" of human-centered technology. Additionally, she will present Telekom's digital innovations for the home, for businesses,and for our networks where she’ll also shed light on our commitment to sustainability.

Keynote speakers are Poppy Crum, Simon Sinek, Shoshana Zuboff and Bruce Dickinson.

Keynote speakers are Poppy Crum, Simon Sinek, Shoshana Zuboff and Bruce Dickinson.

Four content clusters will be the focus of Telekom Tech Grounds:

Business Innovation

How can we accelerate business innovation, protect data and people, and make ourselves strong for a more sustainable future?

Network Differentiation

How can we make our network future-proof and and contribute to ecological, economic and social challenges in a pioneering way

Home Innovation

How can we leverage our digital lifestyle  in a way that benefits both customers and the environment? 


How have we accelerated our climate strategy and how are we increasingly conserving resources in our products and solutions? What else are we doing to boost sustainability? 

All combined in an online platform for a new kind of conference experience. 
The link to the platform and registration can be found here.