Telekom with top scores in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index

Telekom is one of 418 companies from 45 countries and regions to be included in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index (GEI) 2022. In this context, the Group exceeded the global benchmark set by Bloomberg for disclosure and achievement and implementation of "best-in-class" statistics and policies in many areas.

The index tracks the performance of listed companies that have committed to transparency on gender-related metrics. Gender equality is measured through five pillars: Advancing Female Leaders and Talent, Pay and Gender Parity, Inclusive Culture, Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy, and Women-Friendly Brand. The survey was created by Bloomberg in collaboration with global subject matter experts. 

Deutsche Telekom is included again in the Bloomberg Gender Quality Index.

Deutsche Telekom is included again in the Bloomberg Gender Quality Index.

"We are proud to have achieved top scores again this year in the GEI 2022 for our commitment to diversity. In 2021, we renewed our Group-wide Diversity Policy and made it even more action-oriented. In 2022, we will put a focus on more diversity data points and develop specific action plans for each diversity dimension in the Group", explains Katrin Terwiel, Vice President of Diversity & Talent Management at Deutsche Telekom.

Peter T. Grauer, Bloomberg Chairman and Founding Chairman of the US 30 percent Club explains, "Even though the threshold for joining the GEI has increased, the membership list continues to grow. This shows that more companies are working to improve their gender metrics to create more opportunities for diverse talent to succeed."
Further information: Both the survey and the GEI are voluntary and come at no cost. The index is not ranked. All publicly traded companies are encouraged to disclose supplemental gender-specific data for their company profile.

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The human success factor

Skilled and committed entrepreneurial employees are a vital factor in Deutsche Telekom's success.