TV tip: "Online hate - What Can We Do About It?" on MagentaTV

How each of us can become a world saver is the subject of MagentaTV's new infotainment magazine "Today we save the world! A little bit." On March 7 at 9:00 p.m. on #dabeiTV and starting March 8 on Youtube, the second episode will run on the topic of "Online hate - What Can We Do About It?" Numerous partners from our "Together Against Hate on the Net" initiative will be on board. It's worth tuning in.


The second episode of the TV magazine "Today we save the world! A little bit." deals with "online hate". © Deutsche Telekom

The new TV format is about realistic environmental and climate protection. But it is also thinking about how social participation can be better achieved. In the second episode of the broadcast format, everything revolves around facts, experiences and tips from activists who work every day to promote respectful coexistence online, such as the employees of the HateAid organization, who provide advice and support to those affected. Or Nadine Brömme from the networking center Das NETTZ, who, among other things, bundle know-how and provide orientation as to which organizations are committed to which approaches against hate.

Reporter Sarah Mangione also visits a workshop of the Telekom initiative Teachtoday. There, she experiences first-hand how media educator Julia Reuter analyzes hate comments with young people and shows them ways to use the media safely and competently. Since generalizing, derogatory and aggressive comments can affect anyone, the article also shows how important digital moral courage is. In a conversation with two activists from the #ichbinhier initiative, the focus is on the positive power of community. Under the motto "Together we are strong", Germany's largest counter-speech initiative is successfully working with thousands of volunteers to improve the culture of discussion online.

Sounds interesting? It is! Check it out on Tuesday, March 7 at 9:00 p.m. on #dabeiTV. If you miss the show, you can also stream the video on demand at MagentaTV or from March 8 on YouTube.

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