We won’t stop until everyone is connected.


It is in our nature to seek the company of others: humans need this interaction in order to move forward. Sharing fosters closeness. It is the very reason we choose to share our important moments with those important to us.

We share events, experiences, and opinions – sometimes even our possessions. We share knowledge and our ideas. And quite often, by sharing these thoughts, we turn them into something bigger, something better. That is what drives us.

We, Deutsche Telekom, are more than just another company, which provides society with infrastructure. Whatever the circumstances, we are a trusted companion in both people’s private and work lives. Whenever. Wherever. Forever making life easier for people and enriching it is our mission.

Our network is an artery pumping life: fast, reliable, and secure. It provides easy access to all who need it.

We are close to the consumer and are transparent, fair, and open to dialogue. We identify innovative products at an early stage and develop them in collaboration with our partners.

We do all of this better than anyone else. This ability forms the basis of trust – an essential ingredient for long-lasting relationships.

Precisely this is the essence of our work at Deutsche Telekom. Together, with passion, focus and sustainability, we are entering a world of infinite possibilities for each and every one of us. It is our contribution to social togetherness. This connects us.


Deutsche Telekom brand

„Connecting your world.” - that is at once our slogan and our aim.