Project Futureproof supports Gen Z in exploring future careers

European Gen Z are concerned about their post pandemic futures with over half anxious about their future job and career prospects. The world of work will continue to be transformed by rapid digitization and we have a collective responsibility to help support the younger generation, as they find their way in a new and uncertain future.

Project Futureproof has been developed to inspire and support Gen Z to identify future careers and see the value of their existing passions and skill sets to help them in the world of work.

The program has been designed specifically for Gen Z. It encompasses a diverse range of digitally-focused, tailored youth support initiatives across Deutsche Telekom’s European footprint. 

illie Eilish

Deutsche Telekom’s Project Futureproof is supported by seven-time GRAMMY award winner Billie Eilish.

Endorsed by seven-time GRAMMY award winner Billie Eilish, Project Futureproof has been developed in collaboration with Gen Z contributors and skills and employability experts. 

“The future feels uncertain”, says Billie Eilish, “but I’m always inspired by what our generation is able to achieve in the face of so many different challenges.”

In 2020, Deutsche Telekom partnered with Billie Eilish to shine a light on the power and potential of connected technology in the hands of young people. Now more than ever, facilitating equal participation in social, economic and cultural life is a key focus for the brand. Project Futureproof is the next phase of its mission to support this generation, and what they do next. #wearefutureproof

An optimistic short film that invites young people to choose utopia over dystopia and trust that their passion will support the launch activities. Set in 2021, a series of sci-fi glitches offers a group of Gen Z a vision into the future, showing a glimpse into how they (and the world around them) have been changed by following their passions. Backed by a version of Billie Eilish’s ‘My Future’, the superstar also cameos in the future world. 

Alongside the tool, Deutsche Telekom experts share insights on how to write CVs, prepare for job interviews or improve social media profile. As Europe’s most valuable Telecommunications brand, Deutsche Telekom is dedicated to supporting young people with a broad ongoing range of initiatives including dual student and apprenticeship programmes, careers and employability resources, tailored youth tariffs and localised initiatives.


Gen-Z support platform to inspire and support Gen Z

Free-to-access digital tool that leverages vocational personality modelling to help to connect users with potential future career clusters.