When love is loud, hate doesn't stand a chance

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Hate, exclusion and insults seem to be omnipresent on the internet. Almost everyone knows someone who was personally affected. And almost all of us have encountered hate online. Yet there are only a few who are as loud, as if they were everywhere. As if they were many. But we are many, many more. And we can be much, much louder.

Telekom is committed to a network that is open to the world and accessible to all, creating a space for a variety of opinions and perspectives. For a web without hate, in which all people treat each other with respect.

When individuals turn this digital space into a venue for hate speech, cyberbullying, and social division, it’s up to all of us to take action together and raise our voices. It’s up to us not to ignore when others become victims. It’s up to us to not just continue clicking. Not to be silent.


We all ask ourselves how we can counter hate on the internet. So here's an answer: Together. Let's empower those who need help. Support those who are alone. Let's show those who spread hate that they are only a few. When the rest of us stand together, the internet can become a better place. When love is loud, hate doesn't stand a chance.

To do this, we work with partners who inspire people to take action themselves and provide them with the right tool kit. Have a look at what our partners do and offer. 

Our partners

Amadeu Antonio Stiftung

Amadeu Antonio Stiftung

The Amadeu Antonio Foundation works to strengthen democratic civic society and eliminate right-wing extremism, racism, and anti-semitism.



CORRECTIV is the first donation-funded research center in Germany. As a multi-award-winning medium, it stands for investigative journalism. CORRECTIV triggers public debates, involves citizens in research and promotes media literacy with educational programs.



The “ichbinhier e.V.” association aims to sensitize people to the issue of online hate and explains the causes of hate speech as well as the distribution and the effects of such speech. It supports people and institutions in all areas of society in being prepared for digital attacks and stands for more digital civil courage.

You will soon find the training program of our partners in our "Events" section.

#TAKEPART in fighting for a network without hate

No Hate Speech

Words must not become a weapon. Deutsche Telekom is fighting for a network without hate in which we treat one another respectfully.