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Why think of artificial intelligence rather as “augmented” intelligence?

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New year, new start; often a chance for contemplation around the future, right? As we accelerate in the digital era, artificial intelligence is no more a topic of the future, as its multi-faceted impact on business and society alike is becoming already visible. We talked to Kevin Surace, one of leading innovators in the Silicon Valley and a futurist speaker, about why he believes we would be better off to consider artificial intelligence rather as “augmented” intelligence, how far he himself, as a CEO and businessman, would rely on artificial intelligence to make a decision in the boardroom and whether, at the end of the day, empathy would stay a rather human characteristic.


About Kevin Surace
Kevin Surace is one of the leading innovators in Silicon Valley. A futurist and disruptive innovation speaker, creator of the first smartphone and digital assistant. Surace has disrupted every industry he has entered from communications to Artificial Intelligence to clean energy. He’s been named Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year, CNBC’s Innovator of the Decade, and featured by Businessweek, Fortune, Forbes and many other publications. He has held hundreds of lectures as well as many TED talks.

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