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AI is not the better person

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) must not be used to make decisions about people. But - isn't  machine superior to humans? For Prof. Dr. Sarah Spiekermann from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, one thing is certain: man must always have the last word. Our image of man plays a decisive role. In an interview with us, Spiekermann pleads for more self-confidence. "Unfortunately, we have far too bad a picture of ourselves.

AI ist not the better man

Yes, machines beat us in chess, always perform the same movements without getting tired and without a break. They can recognize skin cancer better than doctors, and even write texts, paint pictures and compose music.

But, a chess computer can only play chess - and not drive a car. And an industrial robot can only control the motion sequences for which it was programmed. It cannot spontaneously take on other tasks. It is also not creative - it cannot develop anything for which it has not been trained beforehand. That's why we shouldn't be afraid of the algorithms or see ourselves too quickly as inferior to artificial intelligence. Professor Sarah Spiekermann argues in our conversation that we - again – have to learn to trust ourselves. She is convinced that the human beings are not an "unpredictable factor", but that we make decisions based on complex, culturally grown norms and experiences. "My greatest fear is that we will begin to think that artificial intelligence is so intelligent that it can patronize humans.”

At first glance, this requirement seems to be a matter of course. But - it is not that simple. Which employee dares to argue with his boss against the decision of the oh so objective and clever machine? Not many, I fear. Or in the event of war: AI identifies a person as a terrorist carrying a bomb under his coat. Allegedly, he plans to throw the bomb at a kindergarten right away. But man doubts and believes more in an apple than in a bomb. Will he take the risk and speak out against killing the alleged assassin? Difficult. That is why it is so important for man to focus on its strengths. "We have to get away from this bad image of man and have to learn again that we are highly intelligent, intuitive systems. This is crucial so that we can actually see progress together with artificial intelligence," says Spiekermann. She has a very clear opinion here: "Artificial intelligence must not be used to make decisions about people. Man must always have the last word." Then AI can inspire man.

Here you can find the complete interview with Professor Dr. Sarah Spiekermann.

AI ist not the better man

AI is not the better person

Is the machine superior to man? For Professor Dr. Sarah Spiekermann man must always have the last word. Then AI can inspire man.