Our action areas – Climate and Resource Protection

Protecting the climate together and using resources responsibly – with and through digitalization. 

We at Deutsche Telekom are fully committed to climate protection. We are consistently reducing our own environmental impact and that of our customers when using our products. Digitalization offers opportunities that we are seizing and challenges that we are facing to reach our sustainability targets. We are playing an active role, examining both current and future impacts on the climate and resources along the value chain.

We review both our own activities and conduct and that of our suppliers, business partners, and customers. Our activities are oriented toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with the aim of protecting resources and being socially fair.

With our new #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta labels, we show how we are living up to our responsibility to the environment and society. We not only offer the best network, but also provide especially green and sustainable products and initiatives – this is what we call #GreenMagenta. Our efforts that focus on not only making society more digital but also safer, more equitable, and more livable are bundled under #GoodMagenta. These new labels replaced our previous “we care” label in 2021.


We at Deutsche Telekom are fully committed to climate protection

We contribute to climate protection and resource conservation in two different ways: As Deutsche Telekom, we are continually reducing our own ecological footprint (packaging, green network, green data bunker). Our network is already green today. From mobile communications to our high-speed DSL network, all of our networks run completely on electricity from renewable resources. We also use innovative methods like energy-saving programming and green blockchains to explore new paths to a climate-friendly future and also require contributions from our business partners and suppliers. Our targets are ambitious: We want to achieve a climate neutral footprint for our own emissions (Scope 1 and 2) by 2025. To do so, we will reduce our global emissions by up to 95 percent. We will neutralize the last five percent of our carbon footprint through high-value carbon capture projects. We aim to become completely carbon neutral along our entire value chain by 2040 at the latest.

We also enable our customers to be more environmentally friendly and more sustainable. With our Eco Rating, we enable customers to get informed through an industry-wide sustainability assessment system for smartphones and thus make more sustainable decisions. Through sustainable smartphones, green covers, and recycling options, everyone can contribute. Our services also leverage the opportunities presented by digitalization to support our customers in reaching their own sustainability targets (Remote Testlab, airports, SAP cloud).

Many other activities and information about our sustainability targets and activities are described in our CR Report. We are convinced that digitalization has to be sustainable to be successful. We are doing our part, because we can only master the challenge of climate change together.

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How we live our digital responsibility

We are constantly inspired to develop in order to live up to our aspiration of responsible digitization.