Our action areas – Digital Participation

Deutsche Telekom wants everyone to take part in the digital society. Everyone should have access to the many opportunities afforded by digitalization.

We connect people. We not only feel responsible for our products and services, but also for how society handles technology. In a digitalized world, digital participation also means societal participation – from education and culture through to work and recreation. To promote this, we address three central elements in our activities:

  1. The availability of digital offerings, regardless of age, disability, education, or location – access
  2. Rate plans, services, and user devices that enable people and institutions to take part under consideration of their financial situation – affordability
  3. The capacity to use the technologies and will to do so – ability

With these elements, we support society in taking part in digitalization and the corresponding discourse, because we believe it is our responsibility to avoid a digital divide.

We want everyone to take part in the digital society

Digital Participation

We empower society to be able and willing to use technologies. Digital education lays the foundation for digital participation.

Social participation in the digital sphere requires access, affordability and skills. In addition, people must be motivated to take part and live together in the digital world according to democratic rules.This is the only way to avoid dividing society. With our approach of access, affordability, and ability, we want to ensure digital participation for everyone.


We are continuously building out our network to enable technical access. In late 2020, nearly 99 percent of all households had access to LTE and we have nearly completed our FTTC (fiber to the curb) rollout in our fixed-line network. We also equip educational institutions with technology, among other measures, to guarantee access. Deutsche Telekom is investing billions of euros in its network infrastructure and the services and innovations that build upon it. We offer special services to grant access to people with disabilities, such as the deaf hotline.


With different rate plans for every budget and our subsidized rate, we are striving to make digital access affordable for everyone.


We help people navigate the web with confidence and coexist in that space according to democratic principles. Our measures and activities are aimed at different target groups and their needs: from children, parents, and teachers to offerings in different languages and simple language for adults and multipliers. We believe that media literacy and democratic competence are inseparably linked, to ensure that people feel comfortable on the internet and do not have to fear exclusion or abuse.

Woman uses VR headset at work

Future Work

Digital responsibility at Deutsche Telekom means ensuring that despite all the changes, people remain the focus of all decisions.