Smart Fashion: Do your shoes know the way?

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Initially, there were only a few fitness arm bands and sport apps available. Since then, virtual reality glasses, high tech tattoos and chip implants have become all the rage. But technological development never sleeps and places no bounds on fashion designers' creativity, whether with wearables, accessories or clothing. Digitization is now also revolutionizing the fashion industry. Or would you say "No" to a jacket with in-built air conditioning, hats with a loudspeaker function or shoes with assisted navigation?

To mark the start of Fashion Week and with it also Fashion Tech, which focuses on smart fashion, in other words, fashion with intelligent technology, our new article in the series of discussions on digital responsibility is devoted to the issue of the future of fashion. We talked with Lisa Lang, designer, founder and CEO ElektroCouture in Berlin about how fashion is being changed by digitization, and asked her whether it will be more important in the future what our clothing can do than what it looks like. What smart clothing achieves and which smart fashion will most likely be in great demand in the future is shown in an info graphic. Things draw to an entertaining close with our photo show, which demonstrates how the world of science fiction movies is full of smart fashion innovations.

Young woman meets Robot

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