Vita: Joana Breidenbach

Joana Breidenbach

Joana Breidenbach has a PhD in cultural anthropology and is the author of numerous books on the cultural effects of globalisation, migration and tourism. Including Tanz der Kulturen (Rowohlt 2000), Maxikulti (Campus 2008), and Seeing Culture Everywhere (University of Washington Press, 2009). Joana is co-founder of, Germanys largest donation platform. In 2010 she founded the betterplace lab, a think and do tank researching the use of digital technologies for the common good. In line with her interest in digital-social innovations, she supports initiatives such as the Redi School for digital integration, CRCLR, Stiftung Neue Verantwortung and Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft. Joana also invests in mission-driven startups such as Clue, BESolutions and

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