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Lisa Lang, Designer, Founder and CEO of ElektroCouture.

Lisa Lang has a name ripped straight out of a Marvel comic, and delivers the personality to match. And she too has a superpower: Lisa brings people together to create new, innovative, beautiful products.

Lisa was raised in a Franconian craftsman family, and studied Art, New Media, and International Business Management. More than 10 years into her technology and media career, she has lived and worked all around the world. In that decade, she’s gained a strong reputation for being a game-changer in digital product and media innovation.

Lisa brings the full array of her experiences and passions to the table as founder of ElektroCouture (est. 2014), a collaborative house for bespoke technologies.

Lisa is a mentor to several European hardware startups, and a strong advocate for the Berlin technology ecosystem. She has been named one of the top 100 most influential people in wearable tech worldwide.

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