Information capitalism

Digitization is not God-given. We ourselves are shaping it. Yvonne Hofstetter, lawyer and an essayist.

Yvonne Hofstetter, lawyer and an essayist

Information capitalism

The ideology behind digitization.


A gallery of links: How much value do Germans attach to their data?

Fitness trackers, financial apps and a lot more besides – plenty of people use these self-measurement devices to collect personal data on themselves. But when, and for what purpose, are they prepared to disclose that data to others? Our gallery of links reveals what Germans think about this issue. The results are based on a survey carried out by market research institute Dr. Grieger & Cie.

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Ten strange facts on big data and crowdsourcing

Did you know that all of us, not just IT experts, make use of crowdsourcing and big data – almost without ever noticing? We have compiled ten strange facts for you on this topic.

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Increasing customer confidence thanks to transparency

Users want to decide how their data are used. That is the result of a study commissioned by Deutsche Telekom on digital autonomy. The company has decided to take the results as an opportunity to further increase transparency for customers. As a first step, a one-page summary has been made of its data privacy information.