Video interview with Joe Huston

Joe Huston, Chief Financial Officer at GiveDirectly, can think of simple ways of redistributing money.


Interview with Jeremy Rifkin

Jeremy Rifkinis an American economist and trend analyst does not believe in a guaranteed income.


Video interview with Notker Wolf

Abbot Primates Dr. phil. Notker Wolf, Order of St. Benedict, says that for some kind of work you need human empathy.


Video interview with Guy Standing

For Guy Standing, Professor for developmental studies University of London, a guaranteed income implies more freedom.

Kurt Koch

Half a century at Deutsche Telekom

Working for the same company your entire life? It used to be the standard in many industries, ensuring a secure livelihood, but is hardly imaginable for today's young professionals. Careers like Kurt Koch's will be increasingly rare in the future. He has served customers at Deutsche Telekom for half a century and experienced the technological transformation up close. His advice for professional life: Always stay curious!