Global Diversity eLearning

For Deutsche Telekom, as an international company, diversity, an inclusive attitude and fair treatment of each other are a central part of our corporate culture and are also prerequisites for our long-term success. 


Our goal is the non-discriminatory inclusion of everyone. We want to overcome barriers and create equal opportunities. This is why we have introduced our first company-wide, fully accessible diversity eLearning. In this way, we want to promote a common understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion within Telekom. 

Co-created with and for our employees

One of the most interesting aspects of our Diversity eLearning is the fact that it was developed in collaboration with our employees. The experiences and perspectives of our global teams in terms of age, gender identity and expression, social and ethnic origin, nationality, social status, health conditions, religion and belief, sexual identity and orientation have helped to ensure that our eLearning is based on real stories. 

Accessible to all with interactive modules

All employees should be included, which is why the diversity eLearning was designed to be barrier-free and therefore accessible to all employees. It will be available in several languages. With the launch, the eLearning will initially be published in English, German, Hungarian, Greek and Czech and will gradually be translated into other languages in the future. Gone are the days of passive learning. The eLearning is dynamic and interactive and uses multimedia elements, quizzes and tools for self-reflection. 

Positive impact on business success

Diversity, equity and inclusion are values that are essential to the success of our company. Our eLearning is not just about adhering to compliance standards, but also about recognizing the positive impact that a diverse and inclusive work environment has on our business success. Diverse teams can drive innovation, increase the likelihood of success when entering new markets and contribute to the overall success of a business. With our eLearning, we are investing in the future success of Telekom and thus in our goal of becoming the leading digital telco!

Supported by our management

Our management is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. An inclusive culture is not only the right thing to do, but also a strategic necessity for our continued growth and success. This commitment is further reinforced by our Leadership Anchors, which emphasize the importance of diverse teams and partnerships.