Nicole Koch

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Member of the Supervisory Board since January 1, 2016, appointed until the shareholders' meeting 2023, Chairwoman of the Works Council at Deutsche Telekom Privatkunden-Vertrieb GmbH, Bonn.


Year of birth: 1972
Place of birth: Idar-Oberstein
Nationality: German

Career history:

Since 11/2015Deputy Chairwoman of the Group Works Council at Deutsche Telekom AG
Since 02/2013Chairwoman of the Works Council at Telekom Shop Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
Since 1996A variety of works council roles
1991Began working at the Telecommunications Office of the Deutsche Bundespost Telekom

Education and training:

 Training as office communications administrator
1991High-school diploma ("Abitur")

Expertise/Professional focal points:
Pay-and-benefit and remuneration systems, development and design of sales features in the retail segment, co-determination process at operational level

Seats on the Deutsche Telekom supervisory bodies:
- Finance Committee

Member of the supervisory boards of the following subsidiaries, associated and related companies:
- Deutsche Telekom Privatkunden-Vertrieb GmbH, Bonn

Member of comparable supervisory bodies of companies in Germany or abroad: