Nicole Seelemann-Wandtke

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Member of the Supervisory Board since July 5, 2018, court-appointed until the Assembly of Delegates 2023, Deputy Chairwoman of the Works Council of the Consumer unit at Telekom Deutschland GmbH, Bonn.

Nicole Seelemann-Wandtke

Nicole Seelemann-Wandtke, Member of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Telekom.

Year of birth: 1962
Place of birth: Kiel
Nationality: German

Career history:


Member of the works council released from normal work 
Telekom Deutschland GmbH, Consumers


Senior Commercial Management, Business Customer IT
Telekom Deutschland GmbH Marketing/Consumers


Senior Client Manager with responsibility for orders for Hosting Business Solutions projects
 T-Systems Business Services GmbH/T-Systems International GmbH


Senior Sales Consultant for CDS Services in Northern Germany
T-Systems CSM GmbH/DeTeCSM GmbH   


Successful certification through an assessment center as Business Customer Manager for Industry Sales – Service Providers
Deutsche Telekom Branch Office, Northern District


A variety of customer advisor roles for business customers, Btx, Datex-J, PBXs, data lines


Application processing/consulting in the applications office for telecommunications installations
Deutsche Bundespost Telecommunications Office Kiel

Expertise/Professional focal points:
Conflict management, adult further education, political campaigning for women's rights

Seats on the Deutsche Telekom supervisory bodies:
- Technology & Innovation Committee

- No other seats -