Beethoven‘s unfinished symphony

On the occasion of this year's 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven's birth, Deutsche Telekom is launching an ambitious experiment: Completing the composer's 10th symphony.

Beethoven began working on a 10th symphony shortly before his death. He was unable to finish the work, and he left behind only a few sketches for it.

Now, an international team of musicologists and computer scientists plans to use artificial intelligence (AI) to create a plausible completed version of the symphony. Their aim, so to speak, is to pick up Beethoven's pen right where he last put it down.

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"In no way does this project seek or attempt to challenge the uniqueness of Ludwig van Beethoven's genius. We simply want to show how collaboration between human and artificial intelligence can enhance our own imagination. In our project, we are sticking closely to Beethoven's sketches, and we are only completing material for which enough input from the composer himself is available. Our international group of experts is backing this approach with their reputations," emphasizes Timotheus Höttges, Deutsche Telekom CEO. 

Deutsche Telekom also sees the project as a way of encouraging reflection and discussion about how technology influences our lives – and about what its role should be. Discussion about digitalization and artificial intelligence, in particular, has been taking place mostly among experts; the general public has given these topics relatively little attention. The project is an ideal vehicle for stimulating public discussion in these areas, because music and art reach wide audiences – including people with little interest in things technological. 

We need to talk … Following the motto “Are we stumbling blindly into digitization? We need digital responsibility!” we discuss the chances and risks of digitization.

Project team of leading musicologists and experts from the world of AI. 

Artificial intelligence will complete Beethoven’s 10th Symphony

Can algorithms be creative? Or, to put it another way, what distinguishes us humans from machines? A project in Bonn addresses these core questions around artificial intelligence (AI). His goal: to finish composing Beethoven's unfinished 10th Symphony.