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Precise Positioning from Deutsche Telekom and Swift Navigation


Martina Morawietz

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Positioning: Precise. Everywhere and always.

Autonomous vehicles need more precise positioning systems than GPS. Deutsche Telekom's Precise Positioning solution with Swift Navigation has proven itself in a live test.

Driving autonomously in Berlin

Driving autonomously in Berlin

In Berlin, futurologists demonstrate the road traffic of tomorrow.

5G network as important foundation for autonomous driving

Autonomous driving with 5G

Only a few years ago self-driving cars were no more than a vision in a science fiction movie. Today, the first partially automated vehicles with various assistance systems can already be seen on our roads.

Connected Car

5G speed is data transmission in real time

The prerequisite for self-driving cars: data must be transmitted in real time. Because - decisions have to be made in fractions of a second. Only then will the car come to a halt in time before an obstacle or take evasive action.

Precise Positioning Soultion for Germany and Europe.

Precise positioning: partnership with Swift Navigation

The accuracy of conventional satellite navigation systems such as GPS is three to five meters. With Swift's Skylark™ cloud solution, autonomous vehicles and machines can be located with an accuracy of up to ten centimeters.

5G cooperation: Audi, the city of Ingolstadt and Telekom.

Audi, the city of Ingolstadt and Telekom cooperate on 5G technology

Together, they plan to use 5G to make urban mobility safer, more digital and more sustainable.