Connected Mobility

Connected mobility

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Symbol picture Networking

Internet of Things

Symbol picture Networking

Internet of Things

The Internet of things becomes part of our everyday life.

E-Charging Point by Comfort Charge


Speeding into e-mobility: T-Systems launches...

20 hours

Graphics of a car.


T-Systems relies on open source for the automotive industry

1 week



Digital X: Let's go! Into the future of mobility

5 weeks

Deutsche Telekom and Blockchain Technology


Blockchain technology and Telekom: definition and...

8 weeks

Chain motif with corporate logos of Commerzbank and Deutsche Telekom


Commerzbank and Deutsche Telekom cooperating on digital industry solutions

10 weeks

Predictive collision warning! Cars warn of road dangers with 5G


Seamless 5G connectivity: cars warn of road dangers across national borders

13 weeks

The digital status quo in the german trades sector. 


Digitization in the German trades sector picks up speed

19 weeks

City landscape and train.


T-Systems at IT-TRANS: Passengers in the focus of digitalization

21 weeks

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