How’s the baby doing?

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The connected Neebo baby sensor wristband measures a child’s vital signs – including their breathing, heart rate, and oxygen saturation levels – and offers parents the peace of mind that their little one is alright.

Thanks to the Neebo baby sensor wristband, parents can rest assured that all is well with their child.

Thanks to the Neebo baby sensor wristband, parents can rest assured that all is well with their child.

For parents, it’s always important to know that all is well with their child – whatever the time of day. This is where the Internet of Things can help parents out. Neebo is the smallest smart wristband for babies and toddlers. It records a child’s vital signs and displays them in real time on a smartphone via the free Neebo app. The sensor wristband is suitable for children up to three years of age.

Warning in the event of irregularities

The networked wristband monitors the child’s breathing, heart rate, and oxygen saturation levels. A temperature sensor notifies parents if their baby is too hot or too cold. The device also records the baby’s sleeping patterns. The Neebo app sends a notification as soon as the baby wakes up and alerts parents if there are irregularities or deviations from the normal values. Measurements are displayed in real time in the Neebo app on the parents’ smartphones, enabling them to respond to a situation quickly. 

Up to five days’ battery life

The Neebo solution includes the baby sensor wristband, the Neebo app, and a charging station. The smart wristband is connected to the parent’s smartphone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The device is charged wirelessly using the Neebo charging station and boasts a battery life of up to five days. Besides being made from breathable material, the wristband is also waterproof and free from Bisphenol A plasticizers.

Soon also available for Android

The Neebo app is currently only available for Apple devices. Multiple user accounts can be set up via the app. Deutsche Telekom will soon also offer the Neebo baby sensor wristband with an eSIM card from Deutsche Telekom so it can be used on the go. A version of the app for Android smartphones is also in the pipeline.


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