Hate hurts - also online

Hate hurts - also online

Online hate can affect everyone - minorities and people in the public eye are particularly affected. This divides our society.

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Together against hate online: 10 tips for digital...

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Magenta Telekom anchors stance against hate on...

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Hate on the net silences young people.


Hate on the net silences young people

6 weeks

Diana Doko – Co-founder "Freunde fürs Leben e.V."


Friends for Life talk about it

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Glossar: Hate hurts - also online

Important terms explained briefly.


Cyberbullying describes systematic online attacks against individuals, e.g. in the form of threats, harassment or embarrassment. Unlike "hate speech," cyberbullying does not aim at entire groups, but at an individual.


The term “shitstorm” describes the sudden and massive occurrence of negative criticism, usually in the form of comments in social media. The cause may be certain statements or actions that displease the public. A shitstorm can hit individuals, but also companies or organizations.

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