Partner for Managed Cloud Services

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Frank Strecker

"With us, IT teams in companies can now fully concentrate on the transformation process," says Frank Strecker, SVP Global Cloud Computing & Big Data.

How companies can take full advantage of the cloud with Managed Cloud Services? We discussed this with Frank Strecker, who is responsible for the cloud business.

The term cloud has long since ceased to be a buzzword, but is now firmly anchored in our everyday lives - but what exactly does Managed Cloud Services mean? 

Frank Strecker: As with hosting, cloud customers have the choice of having their own employees manage and maintain the infrastructure. Alternatively, the provider takes over management. This ensures flawless performance and availability of the cloud infrastructure. However, he also supports the customer in planning and, together with him, determines the suitable environment for his project. In a managed cloud, the customer relies on the expertise of the provider. Basically, you don't need your own cloud know-how. Customers are increasingly demanding Managed Cloud Services. This is not only confirmed by studies, we also experience it every day in customer contact. Many companies want to place multi-cloud management in the hands of an experienced provider. We position ourselves as this partner for managed cloud services. We take over the complex orchestration for the customer so that those responsible for the company can concentrate on their core business.

What does this mean for companies? 

Frank Strecker: Our offer is aimed at both the IT departments and the development departments of companies. In short, all those who want to take advantage of public cloud platforms in their operations and at the same time control the complexity of their use. 

  1. With us, IT teams in companies will be able to fully concentrate on the transformation process in the future, instead of mastering the technological complexity on their own.
  2. We enable corporate development teams to concentrate on their core processes and activities such as software or application development. 
  3. We enable IT teams to focus on delivering cloud services to their own customers.

We are the platform-independent partner offering everything from a single source. We navigate the customer to the opportunities of cloud platforms, implement their transformation projects and offer the customer secure operation of cloud environments with continuous optimization. 

Do you have a concrete example? 

Frank Strecker: Imagine you are the head of a large IT department. More and more requirements of specialist departments or R&D are being put to you. And they want more and more apps and solutions for their needs. What does this mean for the IT department? They need orchestration services for all handling, must comply with data protection and governance guidelines, and last but not least the high speed of innovation of the cloud market. The overview of costs must not be lost. At the same time, the focus must be on which licenses are in circulation and who receives access and rights, for example. 

These are many challenges at once, so it's only good to have a partner who can do the whole thing for you. Building up all competencies in one's own company is not always sensible and necessary, given the increasing shortage of skilled workers and tight budgets. This is where a partnership with a competent managed service provider can help the organisation.

Assuming that companies have managed their clouds themselves so far, how can you help in concrete terms?  

Frank Strecker: In addition to technological expertise, we also have an understanding of their market, their business model and their strategy. Then companies can partially or completely hand over multi-cloud management and concentrate more on their business. And we cover the complete management from onboarding to active operation. We offer secure managed services, support our customers on their way into the digital world and help them to develop further there.