What’s new, Claudia?

What’s new, Claudia?

In her video format "What's new, Claudia?" Telekom's Head of Technology and Innovation, Claudia Nemat, presents innovative technologies as well as practical services and products for everyday life. Sometimes it's about products that are already available, sometimes about innovations in the test phase. In the topics presented, it is important to Claudia Nemat that the technologies are not an end in themselves, but focus on people and their needs.
With a tongue-in-cheek look, she wants to explain technological innovations in a simple and understandable way. "Digital technologies can make a lot of difference. How that can look in everyday life is something I want to share with everyone and spark interest." 

What's new, Claudia: Quantum encryption

Twelfth Episode "Quantum Encryption"

Quantum computers are computational artists. They perform calculations that take classical computers years at lightning speed. That's why they will also be able to pick today's digital locks. What does this mean for current encryption methods? Claudia Nemat explains in a new episode of "What's new, Claudia?". She discusses post-quantum cryptography, quantum key distribution and physical layer encoding. As always entertaining and humorous. With little surprises for geeks.

What's new Claudia: Teleoperated Driving

Eleventh Episode "Teleoperated Driving"

Driverless cars. In the near future, they will not only be found in science fiction films. Rather, they will be an integral part of modern road traffic. In it, they move remotely. This solution is called "teleoperated driving". A person navigates the car through the traffic via a control station. Camera images and sensors help with this. These synchronize in real time via the 5G network. Claudia Nemat shows how this works in a new episode of "What's new, Claudia?"

Media information: 5G puts remote-controlled cars on the road
Media information: Ericsson, Deutsche Telekom and Vay show live teledrive technology demo with 5G
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What's new Claudia: Sicher im Strassenverkehr

Tenth Episode "Save on the road"

Bicyclists beware! Dicey situations between car drivers and cyclists happen every day. An accident can easily happen. Together with our partner Spoke, we have developed a solution that ensures greater safety in road traffic. The Internet of Things (IoT) enables direct communication between road users. Both receive a warning when a dangerous situation may arise. In this episode, Claudia Nemat presents how this solution works and shows how it makes traffic safer.

Spoke Chooses T IoT from T‑Mobile and Deutsche Telekom to Pave the Way for Safer Cycling
Media information: Deutsche Telekom at MWC 2023

What's new, Claudia? Nachhaltiger Mobilfunkstandort

Ninth Episode "Sustainable mobile networks"

No, Claudia Nemat, Telekom's Head of Technology and Innovation, has not gone among the model builders. But in this episode of "What's new, Claudia?" she uses miniatures to illustrate how a mobile communications site can become more sustainable, intelligent and autonomous. This requires, above all, green power from wind and solar, and energy storage solutions combined with intelligent energy management. Find out what a watering can has to do with this in the video.

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Eighth Episode "Tips for wifi at home"

"Crap. The wifi doesn't work." But why is that? Sometimes the router is simply badly placed and the radio signal is attenuated. Anyone who hides the device "beautifully" in the closet, behind large plants or even in the basement, should reconsider. These are not good places for the router and its radio signal. In the new episode of "What's new, Claudia?", Claudia Nemat, Deutsche Telekom's Head of Technology and Innovation, gives practical tips for wifi at home. Deutsche Telekom customers can now also find these tips in the MagentaZuhause app and the MeinMagenta app. And the possibility to check the wifi signal yourself: with the "home network check." 


Seventh Episode "Bot as appointment assistant"

Who doesn't know it? Whenever you finally think about making an appointment, for example, at the hairdresser's, it's closed there. Or you can't get through by phone. It is busy. Or you end up on hold. This is where digital voice assistants can help. Claudia Nemat, Head of Technology and Innovation at Deutsche Telekom, demonstrates how this works in a new episode of "What's new, Claudia? 

PS: By the way, the team was so fast on its feet that doctors' offices and others can already book the appointment assistant as "Terminfinder" via our partners cituro and Terminland. Great!


Sixth Episode "AI and Robbie Williams"

"Robbie, what do you say?" The new episode of "What's New, Claudia?" is all about artificial intelligence. Because it has come up with a new suggestion for the musical arrangement of Robbie Williams' cult hit "Angels." The artist himself also has his say and shares his thoughts on the subject of creative AI. Does he consider the result to be art? Does he even see his future as a pop star threatened by creative AI? Claudia Nemat elicits the answers from him in "AI and Robbie Williams”.

Special Beethoven, Robbie Williams and AI

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Fifth Episode "Broadcasting out of the backpack"

One “snap" and the broadcast van is gone. The new episode of "What's new, Claudia?" is about 5G and live TV broadcasts. Because such an " broadcast van" will soon be superfluous. Thanks to 5G, everything it needs to transport in terms of radio technology for smooth transmission now fits into a handy backpack. The smartphone connected to the 5G network guarantees a fast and stable connection. Without wobbles or dropouts. How this works technically and what so-called "network slicing" has to do with it is explained by Claudia Nemat, Telekom's Head of Technology and Innovation, in this video.

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Easy and simple - network slicing
Media information: 5G Standalone simplifies TV productions

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Fourth Episode "The Wi-Fi break"

Switching off digitally or "digital detox" - that's what the new episode of "What's new, Claudia?" is all about. Claudia Nemat knows that a technical trick can help to consciously take such breaks. But what do dinner and cats have to do with it? The Head of Technology and Innovation at Deutsche Telekom reveals all this in this video.

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Third Episode "The T Phone"

Who has a birthday and is greeted with cake? The T Phone! 
Just in time for the launch of this 5G smartphone, Claudia Nemat presents the idea behind it and its features. As the Member of the Board of Management responsible for Technology and Innovation, she is particularly interested in the interaction with 5G. Shared joy is double joy: In the new episode of "What's new, Claudia?," Nemat also congratulates her colleague Dominique Leroy, Deutsche Telekom's Board Member for Europe. She is now launching the low-cost device in nine countries. 

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Second Episode "Fiber optic earth rocket"

Is there an outing in the offing? No. But then what is Claudia Nemat, Telekom's Head of Technology and Innovation, doing with her magenta rubber boots?
This time, her video format deals with the question of how the fiber optic cable gets to the house without having to dig up the entire front yard. Quite simply by means of the "earth rocket". The new episode of "What's new, Claudia?" explains what it's all about.

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First episode "Valet Parking"

What is Telekom's Head of Technology and Innovation doing there with the Bobby Car in the parking garage? It's simple: Claudia Nemat explains automated parking. Find out exactly it works in this video.

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