Eric Daum

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Eric Daum, Member of the Central Works Council at Deutsche Telekom AG, Bonn.

Eric Daum, Member of the Central Works Council at Deutsche Telekom AG, Bonn.

Eric Daum, Member of the Central Works Council at Deutsche Telekom AG, Bonn.

Year of birth: 1971
Place of birth: Bad Sobernheim
Nationality: deutsch

Professional activities:

since 1996

Member of the Works Council, released from regular duties


Trainer for communications technicians in industrial-technical dual vocational training


Einsatz als Monteur und Servicetechniker Deutsche Bundespost Telekom, Fernmeldeamt Gera

Work Council-related activities:

since 2020

Second Deputy Chairman of the Group Works Council

since 2016

Member of the Supervisory Board at DT Service GmbH

since 2016

Member of the Group Works Council Committee

since 2015

Chairman of the Central Works Council at DT Service GmbH, Bonn

since 2010

Member of the Group Works Council, Bonn

since 2007

Deputy Chairman
Speaker for the Committee for Economic Affairs
Member of the Group Economic Committee

since 2000

Member of the Central Works Council, Bonn

since 1996

Member of the Works Council, Thuringia region


1996        Chairman of the electoral board following the foundation of Deutsche Telekom AG

Trade union roles in ver.di:

  • Chairman of the District Specialist Group TC/IT in Saxony/Saxony-Anhalt/Thuringia
  • Member of the Federal Specialist Group Telecommunications
  • Member of the ver.di Sector Executive Board TC/IT

Professional training and development:


Studies concentrating on labor and corporate law, business and corporate ethics, business administration and HR strategy, as well as communication and leadership at Hamburg University, successfully passed with certificate


Technical specialist qualification


Career examination (1-4) for the medium-grade telecommunications service (BFt)


Completion of Occupational and Workplace Training Aptitude pursuant to Section 2 Ordinance on Public Service Trainer Aptitude

Vocational training:


Communications technician training Deutsche Bundespost, Telecommunications Office Bad Kreuznach



Junior high school (Realschule) Bad Sobernheim; General Certificate of Secondary Education (Mittlere Reife - qualifizierter Sekundarabschluss 1)


Emanuel Felke high school (Gymnasium) Bad Sobernheim

Experience abroad:

  • Košice, Slovakia - Support of the European exchange program Partnership in Education and Training “PETRA” between Deutsche Telekom AG and Slovak Telekom    
  • Dublin, Ireland - Individual training in Business English
  • Malaga, Spain - Individual training in Social English
  • Vienna, T-Mobile Austria
  • Orlando, Florida - CWA Leadership Meeting
  • San Antonio, Texas - CWA Conference
  • Tel Aviv, Israel - Co-determination Meeting, Hans Böckler Foundation