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Deutsche Telekom in Poland

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Deutsche Telekom is present in Poland through its sole ownership of T-Mobile Polska S.A. and a local business unit of its information and communications technology services division, T-Systems. Deutsche Telekom also supports innovation in Central and Eastern Europe through their innovation center located in Krakow - hub:raum.

T-Mobile Polska ranks among the ten largest foreign companies in Poland and is one of the biggest investors in the country. During the 20 years of its presence in Poland it has invested locally more than seven billion EUR. Company provides a full range of telecommunication services to both private and institutional customers. The T-Mobile brand offers mobile and fixed line telephone and Internet services via subscription, pre-paid and “mixed” tariff offers.

For business customers T-Mobile provides comprehensive solutions in the areas of communication, data transfer and specialized applications such as fleet management, ICT and M2M services.

T-Mobile Polska S.A. replaced PTC S.A. (Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa), which existed on the market until May 2013. Since 1996 PTC, with its Era GSM brand (renamed T-Mobile in June 2011) has rapidly gained a position as one of Poland’s largest companies. To meet customer needs, T-Systems in Poland delivers state-of-the-art systems integration services and network solutions.

T-Mobile Polska S.A.

  • Core business: Fixed-network telephony, broadband Internet, mobile voice and data, and IPTV products and services
  • Stake held by DT (indirectly/directly): 100.00 percent
  • Customers: 10.5 million (as of December 31, 2017)
  • Employees: 4, 580 (as of December 31, 2017)


  • Thanks to the most modern, completely upgraded network infrastructure, T-Mobile Polska covers nearly 100% of Poland’s population with its 3G network and more than 99 percent of the population with the 4G LTE network. T-Mobile using its best-quality network provides Wi-Fi internet access for trains' passengers traveling on routes between Warsaw and other major cities of Poland, as well as on selected international routes.
  • Thanks to its supreme infrastructure in 2017 T-Mobile Polska has been named the best network in Poland by the P3 Communications consultancy company. It is the third time T-Mobile Poland has been awarded the “Best in Test” certificate and the third time in a row.
  • As of September 1, 2017, T‑Mobile Polska acquired 100 percent of shares in T-Systems Polska from T-Systems International, and became the sole owner of the company in Poland.
  • In 2014, T-Mobile has extended its involvement in projects related to the financial market, starting a cooperation with Alior Bank with the market launch of its completely new brand of T-Mobile Banking Services.
  • T-Mobile Polska is first operator in Poland and one of only a few in Europe to present a working LTE-A test infrastructure capable of reaching 1.2 Gbps download speeds. It has also been the first to offer fully unlimited voice plans and to enable its all of its clients to take advantage of both VoLTE and VoWiFi services.
  • T-Mobile, thanks to a successful merger with GTS, has created a new quality on the market, and became the top supplier of integrated telecommunications and tele-information services to business and wholesale clients in Poland.
  • T-Mobile Polska is nationwide one of the best-known sponsors of major cultural, sports, educational, and charity initiatives. Some of the most important projects include the Electronic Beats, which enabling electronica fans access to the best music and artists in the world and the “Pomoc Mierzona Kilometrami”, which nationwide CR project. The company has received numerous awards and prizes for their sponsorship activities.
  • In 2017 T-Mobile Polska has received Top Employers Institute's certification of "Best Employer in Poland" for the 9th time in a row. The company was ranked first for the highest quality of employment policy.

T-Systems Polska Sp.z o.o.

  • Core business: Information and communications technology services
  • Stake held by DT (indirectly/directly): 100.00 percent.
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