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Deutsche Telekom in Spain

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In Spain, T-Systems is one of the largest ICT (information and communications technology) companies in the market with a complete portfolio of services and solutions in all horizontal and vertical industry sectors. Currently, T-Systems is the leader in the automotive and the public sector.

Like other subsidiaries in the group, T-Systems Iberia is immersed in the development and implementation of its Strategy 2015+. This strategy aims to focus all business activities into a portfolio of services and solutions with high added value for its customers, providing Cloud, Big Data, Security and Interoperability services, among others, and to contribute to Deutsche Telekom’s efforts to become the largest telecommunication and information technology group in Europe.

T-Systems Iberia has a total of eight data processing centres in Spain, the latest being created in the Barcelona municipality of Cerdanyola del Vallés. About 50 million euros were invested in its construction and it is now one of the world’s largest modular data centres and a part of Deutsche Telekom’s strategy of consolidating the data centres it maintains, from 98 to 11.

According to José Manuel Desco, General Director of the company in Iberia, “our goal will continue to adapt to the changing demands and needs of our customers, while also growing key services such as Cloud and Big Data and encouraging the development of mobile solutions. The sector continues to evolve and change given the increasing mobility and development of intelligent devices, which will bring an increase in mobile business due to the growing needs of hyperconnectivity. In all of this, safety is paramount: the development and implementation of new systems to ensure total privacy and confidentiality of data is a priority. Amounts of data are growing exponentially, and this challenge must be confronted head-on in order to offer better service. This is where solutions like Cloud services and Big Data have a lot to say and huge potential.”

T-Systems ITC Iberia, S.A.

  • Employees: 3.400
  • Core business: Information and communications technology services
  • Stake held by DT (indirectly/directly): 100.00 percent


  • Outsourcing of Gas Natural Fenosa group’s IT infrastructure in service mode by T-Systems Iberia for 14.94 million euros.
  • Deployment of IT system e-justí 2014-2018 for more than 15 million euros.
  • EULEN Group uses T-Cloud System solutions for their IT infrastructure’s supply and management.
  • T-Systems provides PortAventura with Wi-Fi access for all guests of the park.
  • In the last seven months, three Spanish regional administrations (Huesca, Cáceres and Valencia) managed their taxes with TAO 2.0 eStima solution developed by T-Systems.
  • T-Systems is currently responsible for the digitization and integration of professors’ records at University Pablo de Olavide.
  • T-Systems launches an electronics project of modernization and technological development for Torrepacheco’s Town Council.
  • Gijón citizens may actively participate in their city’s maintenance with the new app 'CuidaGijón' developed by T-Systems Iberia.
  • According to an October 2014 study by Penteo, “Informe Cloud Computing en la empresa española 2014” (Report on Cloud Computing in Spanish Companies, 2014), T-Systems was reaffirmed as the best provider of private Cloud services in the Spanish market; services which it has been providing in Spain for around 10 years.

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