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Deutsche Telekom in Switzerland

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T-Systems employs around 600 staff at several sites throughout Switzerland. We support our Swiss customers through the digitization process, while placing a strong emphasis on security. Sensitive customer data remains in our hands in Switzerland, because we have a twin-core data center near Bern. This powerful, locally based delivery capacity means that we are in a position to provide even complex, international solutions from a Swiss data center.

The industry in question and the legal requirements governing it are major considerations for data storage. This means that our international cloud offerings are also very popular: large amounts of data are also stored in the high-performance data center in Biere, near Magdeburg, in Germany. It is the only data center in the world where nearly all major cloud providers can be found side by side. Biere, which is considered the Fort Knox of data centers, has become a European data hub attracting more and more customers – and also partners.

The key to successful services in this field is the combination of international power with local data storage. T-Systems customers also benefit from maximum flexibility.

We have already been providing services for a number of years to prestigious companies such as Schweizerische Bundesbahn (SBB), Georg Fischer, Clariant, Inselspital Gruppe, KPT, and Jet Aviation, to name just a few.

T-Systems Schweiz AG

  • Core business: ICT services
  • Stake held by DT (indirectly/directly): 100 percent


  • We make an international portfolio available locally. T-Systems' services can be adapted to the local needs of our Swiss customers, and can be provided from both international and Swiss data centers.
  • Together with our subsidiary, T-Systems Data Migration Consulting AG, we provide system integration and SAP full-service solutions for both SMEs and major corporate customers. 
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